Cloyd, Doyle

Doyle Cloyd has been prominently featured in esteemed events such as the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, GA, and held the honored title of MOJA Festival Artist in Charleston, SC for four consecutive years since 2005. With a strong presence in the Atlanta art scene, his works have graced solo and group exhibitions nationwide, including prestigious venues like the LV Gallery, Apex Museum, and Douglasville Cultural Arts Center in Georgia. Recognized for his contributions, Cloyd has garnered acclaim and awards from the Atlanta Fulton County Arts Program, including the Fel-Pro Art Award and the Forest Park Township Art Award.
Honing his craft through studies at the Atlanta College of Art and the American College of Art, Mr. Cloyd, originally from Chicago, IL, now calls Atlanta home. His artistic repertoire spans various mediums, showcasing his mastery in acrylic, watercolor, oil paintings, clay, and ceramic sculptures. Drawing inspiration from personal narratives, Cloyd has cultivated a distinctive style characterized by abstracts, abstract mannerisms, and urban imagery reflections.




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