Muhammad, Salaam

Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey solely by his Father until 15, Salaam Muhammad’s early years shaped his character. Gifted and bright, his aspiration to create meaningful art blossomed early, driven by a desire to stand out. Despite growing up amidst urban challenges like gangs and poverty, his art became a lens to portray the realities of the marginalized. Transitioning from imitative to original art, he found his voice by amalgamating various influences, including his religious upbringing and cultural experiences. His journey led him to embrace painting as a potent medium to convey emotions and societal messages, particularly focusing on the struggles of the disenfranchised. Immersing himself in spiritual teachings further fueled his artistic mission, propelling him to transcend racial and cultural boundaries. With a newfound zeal for entrepreneurship, he sought to revolutionize the art world, reaching diverse audiences through strategic networking and social media. Now in his early twenties, Salaam Muhammad’s artwork reflects his deep-rooted values, blending spirituality, social consciousness, and cultural pride. His vision for a better world resonates through every brushstroke, a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft and community.




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