Williams (WAK), Kevin A.

Kevin A. Williams embarks on a mission with a community at his side, inviting others to join his artistic journey. His aim? To cultivate a greater appreciation among African Americans for fine art that reflects their cultural richness and optimistic future. Thousands, including luminaries like Oprah Winfrey and Bernie Mac, have embraced his vision. His original and lithograph artwork adorns spaces nationwide, from renowned homes to corporate offices. Under his “WAK Artistry” brand, Williams curates a diverse collection of 50 lithograph prints. This was the most extensively distributed urban fine arts series in the country. These pieces, ranging in themes, are meticulously crafted by Williams in various mediums, showcasing his artistic versatility. Williams annually produces commissioned works, further contributing to his influence as the top-selling artist in the African American print market. Renowned for his unconventional approach, Williams bypasses traditional galleries, finding success through alternative avenues to connect with art enthusiasts.




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